Enable embedding of Moztrap data into Media wiki - similar to mediawiki-bugzilla



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4 years ago
mschifer identified an interesting use case for a Moztrap + Mediawiki mashup:

While we are looking at Moztrap, one of the things I would like to be able to do is having something similar to a Bugzilla Media Wiki plugin that would allow me to embed Moztrap test case links and results directly into a wiki page.  My vision is having an all in one Wiki page that contains a test plan with embeded objects for each of for the automated test cases results, Moztrap tests and their status and Bugzilla queries for all the current bugs in need of attention for a given release. The Bugzilla media wiki plugin takes care of the last part, and jgriffin informs me that Treeherder will allow me to report on the automation results. That just leaves a way to embed Moztrap test cases and their status in the page.

Reference to mediawiki-bugzilla https://github.com/mozilla/mediawiki-bugzilla
Mass-closing remaining MozTrap bugs as WONTFIX, due to 1) the Mozilla-hosted instance being decommissioned (see https://wiki.mozilla.org/TestEngineering/Testrail), and, for now, 2) the still-up code archived at its GitHub page: https://github.com/mozilla/moztrap (we'll decide what's next for that, in the near future).

See also the history and more-detailed discussion which led us here, at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.dev.quality/Sa75hV8Ywvk

(If you'd like, you should be able to filter these notification emails using at least the unique string of "Sa75hV8Ywvk" in the message body.

Last Resolved: a year ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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