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4 years ago
In our testing and iteration on the snippet-traffic user-flow / conversion-funnel, the original version of the mad-lib teach CTA wasn't creating meaningful results we could count as contribution and was confusing the sign-up process.

Our immediate priority is dealing with step-1 of the funnel, and making the first page as effective as possible (see Bug 1047502).

But we still want to develop a low bar teach CTA which can be used post-account-creation, and the mad-lib may still work well in a report-back scenario.


1) This needs to be designed and written for an audience who knows very little about Webmaker, and has likely never thought of themselves as a teacher.

2) This could be used in several scenarios:

(a) Immediately after account creation (via landing page)
(b) As an email ask to existing webmaker users
(c) As an email ask to mofo list members who are not yet webmaker users

3) We need to record enough data that we have confidence in the numbers to say this is actually a count of people going out and teaching web lit skills.

4) If it works, this could become a permanent / regular ask of the broader user base

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4 years ago
> this comment is Adam as contributor, not in my metrics role... please hack on everything :) 

I had some dead hours on the train to and from WikiMania, so have put together an example user flow to consider (these are not complete pages). 

1) The initial CTA is a pledge (assuming the user might be busy or not sitting next to an appropriate friend when they click on the snippet)
* http://teachcta.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/15-minute-challenge/

2) We immediately give people examples of what and how to teach (suitable to the 15 minute challenge format)
* http://teachcta.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/15-minute-challenge/lesson-ideas/

3) We periodically email all people who have pledged (e.g. once a week) with three buttons. 
[A - I did it] 
[B - Not yet, I need ideas] 
[C - I've changed my mind] (this button would be small :D)

3A) We send them to the report-back page (re-use mad-lib): 

3B) We send them to the lesson ideas, and discourse forum

4) People who complete the challenge and report back:

* Get a badge for the profile
* Are people we talk to about Webmaker Training, who might want to host a mini event, or mentor at another event near them etc...

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4 years ago
I have a parallel exercise going on around how to build this post-account 'newbie' experience. Let's sync them up before they get too far.

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4 years ago
(In reply to Geoffrey MacDougall from comment #2)
> I have a parallel exercise going on around how to build this post-account
> 'newbie' experience. Let's sync them up before they get too far.

Awesome, and yes. What's above is meant for idea fodder. 

@OpenMatt, are you happy as owner of this meta ticket?
Assignee: nobody → matt
I like this, but let's discuss the actual email execution demands, it's quite resource intensive and Kelli is already stretched thin. We need to focus on a promising set of emails and iterate smartly. If this is that set, awesome, but we may need to forego other ongoing email series that might be in the works.

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4 years ago
An update on how these projects are syncing...

The other project is to help partners build events.

The tech / ux / workflow for these partner event people, and for the 'masses' to opt-in to a teaching-challenge contribution activity can very likely be shared - rather than shipping two separate solutions.

But, the messaging and framing for the mass-audience version will be very different than it is for event partners (to start with it probably won't use the word event anywhere).

If you think of the teaching-moment challenge version as a tiny-event (1:1) that we don't call an event in the copy, then the UX of [ pledge/opt-in -> 3 choice wizard -> here's your customized teaching thing ready to go -> invite your friend ] can work for 1:1 or 1:many.

The plan is to ship this for the event partners, learn a bit from how they use it, then think about how we can adapt it for the low-bar-teach CTA.
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