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accept slash ('/') in tree name


(Webtools :: DXR, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)


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If you specify a tree in dxr.config that contains a slash, e.g. build/mozharness, dxr gets tripped up and ultimately fails to work:

* creation of temp_folder and log_folder caused 'No such file or directory' errors
* web app returns 404 on everything

will work around it in the build script for the time being
Whiteboard: easy
I want to work on this bug. I've got dxr all set up. Can you please point me to the file in the source code where changes are to be made?

Thank you.
I think it's going to be mostly However, that file's undergone heavy changes on the "es" branch, which is going to merge in the next few weeks, so I'd target your fixes at the es branch.
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