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mocks for a proposed new UI

(Branched off of conversation in bug 1050943)

I think that we need to better differentiate which elements take users to a search and which take them directly to a valid URL in the search suggestions.  Right now we have a magnifying glass icon in the first result to indicate that it is a search.  The rest of the results all look the same but are resolved according to our isSearchQuery() logic.  I've asked other non-Fennec users at Mozilla about what behaviour they expect and they're also confused.

Perhaps we could be more aggressive with Icons if we're satisfied with the behaviour (which we are according to bnicholson)?  I've attached an image with 3 mocks of what we could do to better indicate what a given click will do:
Mock 1) is closer to what we currently do, but we've added the default favicon image next to links that are direct links.
Mock 2) removes the search icon from searches since that is implied by the search provider icon to the left.  It adds the default favicon to direct links.
Mock 3) Adds to Mock 1) the suggestion that we could use cached favicons for websites that we've already visited.

I personally think that adding Favicons w/ caching and removing the magnifying glass looks good and removes the ambiguity, but I'm not a UX designer :).

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