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[mozrunner] Mozrunner model is very process-based and doesn't map well to remote devices


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Sigh at my inability to use bugzilla.

The current mozrunner code doesn't really map well onto the actual capabilities we have when controlling a remote device. Worse than this, the way it tries to map this is by assuming that the "process" it's controlling is the adb command that runs "start b2g", which violates the invariants that you get from the other Runner instances e.g. whilst tests are running the process will be alive. There is also relatively lots of code in B2GContext that seems like it could live somewhere more generic than mozrunner (e.g. parts of it could move to mozdevice.adb_b2g) since it doesn't really have equivalents for the other *Context classes. So really two things are needed here:

* Define an interface that makes sense for both local and remote runner classes

* Move as much B2G device control code out of mozrunner as possible.
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