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Mozilla's "Lightbeam" add-on's buttons do not work with e10s


(Firefox :: Extension Compatibility, defect)

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firefox34 --- affected


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(Keywords: addon-compat, dogfood)

1. Install the Lightbeam addon:
2. In an e10s window, open the Lightbeam UI from "Tools" menu > "Show Lightbeam" menu item
3. The Lightbeam UI is displayed, but none of the buttons (such as "CONTRIBUTE DATA") work.
4. The Lightbeam UI in a non-e10s window and the buttons work correctly.

The following error message is logged to the Browser Console:

chrome://browser/content/browser.xul : Unable to run script because scripts are blocked internally.
François: do you maintain Lightbeam?

It is not e10s-compatible. The Lightbeam UI's buttons do not work and the first run page is blank and the browser console reports:

> NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIWebNavigation.loadURI] browser-child.js:192

If you have any questions about add-on support for multiprocess Firefox (e10s), just drop by the #e10s IRC channel on MDN also has a good introduction:
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Chris: I do. It's not very high on my priority list, but I'll try to take a look and see if it's easy to fix.
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Keywords: dogfood
Chris: you may want to flag Lightbeam as "not working" on because while the button and the UI show up, none of the in-content JS runs.
Assignee: nobody → francois
Thanks. I'll update the website to point to this open bug.
FYI: Lightbeam is currently broken by non-e10s problems (specifically, its use of |const|). See
Unassigning myself because I'm not actively looking at this.
Assignee: francois → nobody
According to e10s telemetry data, lightbeam regularly throws an exception in policy.js on line 94
It would be great to insert a banner on the lightbeam page to inform users to open in a non-e10s window... till this is fixed.
Blocks: 1167810
It mostly seems to be working except one oddity. It doesn't track anything in e10s.
Assignee: Bill McCloskey
Link to add-on:
Contact info for add-on:
:francois at Mozilla
Add-on ID: jid1-F9UJ2thwoAm5gQ
How well does it work?: 10%
Steps to reproduce working features:
It pops up a help window on installation and the toolbar button goes to the right page.
Steps to reproduce broken features:
- No data is tracked or displayed in e10s.
- Lots of aRequestOrigin is null errors in the console
Any obvious performance problems?
Yes. Add-on slowness monitor pops up frequently.
SDK-based: Yes
Chromium version: No
Flags: needinfo?(wmccloskey)
With some changes, including, it now works in e10s, pulling the version from github. I did notice at least one aRequestOrigin is null errors in the console and it could be a bit faster, but it works now and that's the main thing.
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Marking resolved fixed based on the fact that it seems to work.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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