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Mac startup performance improvements


(Core :: XPCOM, defect)

Mac System 8.5
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(Reporter: sfraser_bugs, Assigned: sfraser_bugs)



This is a bug to track data and patches to make Mac startup performance better.
On my G3 450MHz machine (midrange these days), startup breaks down roughly
like this:

start of main() to the time we show the first window is about 9.5 secs on a
warm start.

main() to nsAppShellService::Run is about 5.8 secs, which breaks down as:
(indentation indicates child routine times)

NS_InitXPCOM2                                   0.61 secs
  Loading XPT files                               0.46
    Spinning in NSPR idle thread                    0.42
(no dlls are loaded during this time)

InstallGlobalLocal                              0.86 secs
  Reading prefs files                           0.29
  AddToCompositeDataSource                      0.35
(we load 6 dlls during this time, which takes 0.24 secs total)

InitializeProfileService                        0.86 secs
  Getting appShellService                         0.08
  SetCurrentProfile                               0.77
    Getting observer service                        0.07
    Observer notifiers                              0.69
      Reading user prefs                              0.06
      Chrome registry Observe                         0.63
        AddToCompositeDataSource                        0.10
        nsChromeRegistry::FlushCaches (3 dll loads)     0.32
        4 LoadStyleSheet calls                          0.19

VerifyPSMAbsentOrSane                           1.16 secs
  InitializeNSS                                   1.02
    (not broken down)
CreateHiddenWindow                              1.13 secs
  (not broken down)

Of that 5.8 secs spend before we get to nsAppShellService::Run(),
about 1 second is spent in library loading. 0.38 secs are spent
in the NPR idle routine.
Blocks: 7251
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.0
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"Moving bugs not scheduled for a project" to quickly delete this bugmail.
Target Milestone: mozilla1.0 → mozilla1.2
Target Milestone: mozilla1.2alpha → mozilla1.5alpha
This bug is targeted at a Mac classic platform/OS, which is no longer supported
by Please re-target it to another platform/OS if this bug applies
there as well or resolve this bug.

I will resolve this bug as WONTFIX in four weeks if no action has been taken.
To filter this and similar messages out, please filter for "mac_cla_reorg".
I don't think anyone will work on Mac Classic-startup performance in the future. ;-)
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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