Make geckoprofiler.xpi remember it's on/off state between restarts?




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4 years ago
Geckoprofiler.xpi always starts up enabled when Firefox starts. This is a bit inconvenient, and it would be nicer if geckoprofiler.xpi remembered which state it was in when Firefox was closed the last time, because:

 - When using geckoprofiler.xpi to profile Emscripten applications, there is always a notable small performance hit. Because of that, I always like to disable it when I'm not profiling. This makes me always click that icon to stop the profiler whenever I start up Firefox.

 - When I am making a profile, I always want to stop the profiler and start it at the moment when I want to start profiling so that I know that there won't be a chance that events from before the point I want to profile would show up. In this case as well, having the profiler on at startup is not convenient.

Having the profiler always off at startup would be more preferred for me. However perhaps some people like to have the profiler always on, so the best way to support both would be to remember what state the profiler was when Firefox was shut down and at restart have it in the same state?
Component: Developer Tools: Profiler → Gecko Profiler
Product: Firefox → Core
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