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Sheriffs/community members should have access to all RelEng log files



Release Engineering
3 years ago
5 months ago


(Reporter: pmoore, Unassigned)


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Sheriffs should have access to all log files that RelEng generates.

For example:
foopy log files (from watch_devices.sh)
buildbot log files
runner log files
aws manager log files
bumperbot log files
vcs sync log files
mapper log files
relengapi log files

Some of these are per slave (e.g. build log files, runner log files) - and could be nicely integrated into slave health.

Others are individual services (aws manager, bumperbot) which only run on one machine and exist in one place.

Services written in mozharness already provide the ability to upload log files.

Publishing the log file(s) is not enough - we also need to link to, or display log files in our web interfaces, to make the job of access log files simpler.

This will also help releng too - not only sheriffs, e.g. if we can see log files directly from our own web interfaces.


5 months ago
Component: Tools → General
Product: Release Engineering → Release Engineering
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