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Please update copy on https://webmaker.org/badges/teaching-kit-remixer to:

Badge description:
This badge can be issued to people who have remixed a <a href="https://webmaker.org/en-US/make-your-own">Teaching Kit</a>  or <a href="https://webmaker.org/en-US/make-your-own">Activity</a>  and published it online. Here’s how to earn this badge:
1) Explore the <a href="https://webmaker.org/en-US/search/?type=tags&q=teach-kit,teach-activity&sortByField=likes">most popular kits and activities</a>.
2) Try one out the next time you teach digital skills, web literacy or web making. Take note of what worked well and what didn’t. 
3) Remix the kit or activity by adding your own ideas, lesson plans and resources. Here are a few <a href="https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/top-tips-creating-great-teaching-kits">tips for creating great teaching kits</a>.
4) Publish the kit by saving it on webmaker.org. 
5) Apply for the badge by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below.

Badge requirements:
Remix and publish a Teaching Kit or Activity.


Brett, can you sign off on these changes, or flag who should sign off. Thanks


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Sent the following in an email, but figured I'd add it here for completeness's sake (this also applies to 1054065 and 1054064)

Hm, actually, I do see a potential problem I think.  I don't believe the webmaker badge pages support any sort of markdown in the badge descriptions (they do in the criteria, but not the description itself).  Since all the descriptions are of the form:

Here's what this badge is about.

Here's how to earn it:
1) Step 1
2) Step 2

It'll end up looking like:

Here's what this badge is about.  Here's how to earn it.  1) Step 1 2) Step 2

Which is probably not desired.

I can look into what it would take to add markdown support to the descriptions, but I seem to recall a rational-sounding reason it wasn't added.
Just to follow-up on this, there's TWO things to consider about the badge description:

1. As Erik mentions, it doesn't accept Markdown or HTML. 

2. The badge detail page isn't the only place the description will be seen. For example, if it ends up in a directory of badges, it needs to make sense in that context too.

Hope that helps!

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4 years ago
If someone can point me to all the places this description will be seen, I can re-work the copy to have it makes sense in every context.
So at the moment the badge detail page is the only place the description will be seen, but I think it's worth bearing in mind at least two further contexts:

a) A badge 'landing page' on webmaker.org listing all the badges we have available

b) A directory of badges that shows badges available from multiple providers

I'm coming back from PTO so missing a little of the context for this, but it looks like the rationale is to make it more obvious how to apply for the badge? Could we perhaps come up with some generic 'Help! I'm stuck!' advice?

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4 years ago
For context, Amira is sending an email out to 50,000+ people on Monday August 18 and linking to the badge page on webmaker.org (it's actually the Skill-Sharer badge, not this one, but for simplicity's sake let's just keep the convo in this bug as the decision will apply to all the badges).

Doug, Erik and I chatted on IRC and decided to use the copy above for now, so the email can go out on Monday. Kate enabled markdown on the page description so it won't look too janky.

However, we certainly need a long term solution, especially if this description will be seen in other places like the badge directory.
Thanks for the context, Erika. :-)

As far as I see it, users need three bits of information on the badge detail page:

* Description
* Criteria
* How to apply

The last of these could be fairly generic, certainly across (for example) contribution badges or web literacy badges.

Definitely agreed on the solution on Monday, but worth discussing further!
Markdown is now live, and I've updated the badge description and criteria to the new copy/formatting.  If it looks good, feel free to close this issue.

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4 years ago
This looks much better. Can you shorten the "Going Further" sections (since it's repetitive) to:

"Going further...Ask q and share your share your experience in the <a href="http://discourse.webmakerprototypes.org/">Webmaker Discussion Forum</a>."

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4 years ago
Oops. I mean:

"Going further...Ask questions, get advice and share your share your experience in the <a href="http://discourse.webmakerprototypes.org/">Webmaker Discussion Forum</a>."


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