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18 years ago
When trying to use a theme other than one included with Mozilla, the browser
windows responds with an error that it was not able to create the browser
window.  It IS possible to start mail or composer, but when choosing
EDIT-PREFERENCES, the window that is created has a name, but the body is no size
and you are unable to get to any place to change the theme used.

This is with Mozilla 0.9.5 in Win9x.  Mozilla 0.9.4 on both Win9x and Linux both
have problems with themes.  Many themes after installation cannot be applied
(they show up in the list, but the button to use the theme is greyed out), and
otehr themes do not show properly.

This seems to be a progressivly getting worse problem.  With 0.9.4, it was just
a nuisance, now with 0.9.5, it is a critical problem.
Reporter: Do you have an example theme as a testcase?

Dupe of bug 94106?

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Severity: critical → normal
E-mail from reporter:

> The theme in particular was Skypilot.  Little Mozilla also did not work. 
>  These are both available from, under the CHROMES link.
> To give you a description of what happened.  I was using 0.9.4 on Win9x 
> with Skypilot as the theme.  I then upgraded to 0.9.5 and when I started 
> mozilla, I received the error message that the browser window could not 
> be created.  I started both the Messenger and Composer parts of mozilla 
> and they started, but parts of the theme were not showing up.  I then 
> went to the EDIT menu and choose PREFERENCES, but the window that opened 
> was titled PREFERENCES, but the body of the window was of zero size and 
> I could not resize it.  I was forced to re-install 0.9.4 to get it to 
> restart.  I then changed it to the classic theme, re-installed 0.9.5 and 
> it worked.  I then choose Skypilot again (from within 0.9.5) and upon 
> restart of mozilla, received the exact same problem.

Reporter: In future, please post your comments here, as this allows all
developers to read them.

Still looks like it could be a dupe of bug 94106.
It sounds like Skypilot just needs to be updated to deal with XUL syntax 
Please use only Themes that are for your browser version.
Mozilla should reject now old Theme (AFAIK)

Please reopen if you see this with a recent build and a Theme for this version.
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
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