Refactor the filter_for_list method into multiple model manager methods



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This is proposed by :jezdez in pull #2166 (
"This is slowly becoming a kitchen sink and harder to test. Please open a Github issue to refactor the filter_for_list method into multiple model manager methods (e.g. with_errors, without_parents etc)."

I would love to learn more about this. Some newbie thoughts and questions (jumping into cold water, be patient with me):

1) The exclude slugs ("User:", "Talk:") should be synced with the ones we use in the search. How to DRY?
2) No idea about Managers. But looking at the code: Should there be a DocumentListingManager and the filter_for_list should be removed from the BaseDocumentManager?
3) Maybe similar to the DeletedDocumentManager ? Does that manager then offer the methods that are called from the view?

class DocumentListingManager(BaseDocumentManager):
    def get_query_set(self):
        return super(DocumentListingManager, self).get_query_set()
        .filter() // filtering for standard excludes etc...

    def with_errors() // return the error docs

4) Seems like all these views could need tests. Looking at the test files I feel a bit lost. Tips or entry points?

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Fix code smell

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