Read-Only Calendar conflicts with Notifications



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Lightning 1.9.1



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Screenshot Notification and Error-Message (in German)

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Build ID: 20140716183446

Steps to reproduce:

a) Have a published calendar (e.g. via CalDav) as read-only

b) Create an Event with Notification.
    Then change the calendar to 'read-only'.

a) & b) Wait for the notification to show up.

I have a kind of old Version of Lightning (1.9.1) since I use the debian-icedove of Thunderbird (17.0.10).
Unfortunately right now I do not have the option to try with a different version, so would appreciate if someone else could to check current versions...

Actual results:

Notification shows up on time.
Closing the notification does not work: Error writing the calendar - which is right.
Same with 'Remind again in...'

But what I experience, especially with remote CalDav-calendar, notifications show up again and again, aparently cannot write to the remote calendar that the notification already showed up, so it appears later again.

Only way to close the window (which stays on when choosing 'close') is to press Esc-Key.
Window closes with the same error message that it cannot write to the calendar.

Expected results:

I know it may be tricky since where should it save the 'new information' to that event. But I think there should be some way (in the offline-cache or so) to store information about the notification. I mostyl want to use the calendar as a desktop-version of my horde-calendar which I modify via the web-interface. But the notification in lightning would be nice to use.

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5 years ago
Forgot to mention the Connector:

Inverse SOGo Connector 17.0.6 for the DAV-Calendar.
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