Do not show stop or reload buttons for packaged apps which request browser chrome



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Francis, how important is this? I personally don't see the harm in packaged apps showing these buttons if they request navigation chrome and it makes one less special case in the code. But I think this was in a UX spec somewhere so I'd like to check.
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Ben, it's not a big issue for me whether packaged apps show the stop/reload buttons or not. I don't think this is explicitly in the spec but I found an email thread that we had about it, which resulted in this bug being raised:

What chrome should be displayed if a packaged app requests browser chrome (I've never seen this but it's theoretically possible)?
In this case I think we could show the back/forward buttons only, and no favorite button, overflow menu or reload/stop button.  If hosted apps must be on the home screen, then the chrome should be the same, except it should contain the reload/stop button.

But I'm fine with still showing the stop/reload buttons in the case of packaged apps - as you say, it's a pretty rare case and it does no real harm. I'll make sure the spec is clear on this.
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3 years ago
OK, thanks Francis.
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3 years ago
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