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Using Google sheets on Vista 32 bit with aurora, I'm seeing strange black panels covering certain areas.

It's difficult to replicate; they seem to come and go as you scroll around rapidly (eg ctrl-up, ctrl-down) or selecting large blocks of cells using the keyboard.

I've attached a screenshot.

I've mocked up a sheet that can cause it too:

Link to the spreadsheet:

I've only seen this with the 'new' google sheets, not old google docs spreadsheets.

Aurora 33.0a2 (2014-08-17)
BuildID 20140817004001

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Looks like a bug with partial updates in layers(?), or I guess possibly an invalidation bug... Perhaps a failure case somewhere that isn't handled well? Some buffer swapping code gone wrong? cc'ing Bas and mattwoodrow in case this is something that isn't already being looked at.

Shot in the dark, does this disappear when disabling OMTC? (pref: layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled)

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4 years ago
I'll try the pref.

On some sheets I use that have many more formulae than the linked one it is very easy to replicate so I should be able to give a quite clear answer.

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4 years ago
Cwiiis, I just tried to replciate this with that pref but immediately ran into Bug 1062513 unfortunately :(
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