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Runner's RoR is currently, but our best practices dictate org-owned RoR's.  I think this just involves requesting a new repo in the mozilla org and pushing the data there.

I have permission to create the repository, it seems, so as long as ian and catlee and anyone else working on runner are OK with this change, I can take care of it.
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This is fine with me. Unsure if :catlee prefers mozilla/build-runner for continuity's sake.
To clarify best practices:
 i) if deploy is by checkout, repo must be on *.m.o hosts
 ii) if deploy is from manually created package, RoR should be in mozilla org owned repo
Case (ii) applies here.

As for naming, many different groups within Mozilla share the github/mozilla account. To avoid stepping on toes, it would be best to continue to keep releng infra with the build- prefix.

Which gets to the question: do we want to mirror to *.m.o systems? A benefit of that is ease of inclusion in mxr/dxr which some of the team uses to find out scattered bits of code.

Any mirroring and/or mxr-dxr needs to be requested in a separate bug.

When creating under mozilla, it should be created and owned by the releng team.
Ok, let's go with mozilla/build-runner.
(In reply to Dustin J. Mitchell [:dustin] from comment #0)
>I think this just involves requesting a
> new repo in the mozilla org and pushing the data there.

That works, but anyone who cloned catlee's version remain's attached to his repo. So send out email to folks who have cloned to discard and reclone from the new RoR. (It also looses issues, etc - don't know if that applies here)

You can also transfer ownership of catlee's repo to mozilla, and only catlee needs to reclone. That takes help of a mozilla admin and current owner. Have catlee ping me if you want to go that way.
OK, I just created a new repo, pushed to it, and emailed the folks who had forked catlee's repo.  There are no issues, no open PR's, and no branches or tags, so it's pretty simple.
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