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When I'm looking at a specific crash report, I often want to pull up the minidump in the visual studio debugger, which requires installing the version of the browser that crashed. Perhaps I am missing something, but there seems to be no good way to get to that -- especially for beta/aurora builds, and I'm almost always looking at beta or aurora crashes. I can't even remember how I do this, because I have to figure it out again every time. (I think it's a combination of "Release Channel" and "Build ID" and manual munging of ftp:// urls, and maybe some trial and error before I get the right one.)

It's painful enough that I often don't bother to do it, which has delayed a topcrash fix a couple of times now. Please either educate me or add a download link.
I think this is another variant of bug #687630. I'm going to make this bug depend on that one.
Depends on: 687630
Bug #687630 is landed. I'm going to mark this FIXED. If that didn't help, please elaborate on your needs. Thanks!
Last Resolved: 3 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
(In reply to Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] ET needinfo? me from comment #2)
> Bug #687630 is landed. I'm going to mark this FIXED. If that didn't help,
> please elaborate on your needs. Thanks!

That bug helped a *huge* amount. But now that we're so close, it'd be a shame to mark this bug FIXED and move on.

The specific use case here, which is very common, is that you have a crash report and you want to get to the corresponding binary.

Take, for example,

The buildid link, post bug 687630, is and gives 1176 results. I can manually go through and filter down to the one I want, by going through the various relevant bits of information in the crash report tabs, but it's extra work and more error-prone than I'd like. (eg, did I remember to convert the Build Architecture of x86 to win32 in buildhub or did I mess up and pick win64 by default? Ooh, and what's that win32-eme-free thing?)

In this case, I would very much like the link to be[0]=60.0b5&platform[0]=win32&locale[0]=en-US

It's a little weird for the buildid link to go straight to the above URL, but I don't see a better place, and I think it's 100x more likely that someone clicking this link wants the exact build rather than all builds with that buildid.

The nasty bit is adapting the two different data models. versions[0] seems to match well. platform[0] requires a mapping from Build Architecture + OS, at least, though that doesn't cover -eme-free. locale[0] is ugly the way I did it -- I snarfed it out of the TelemetryEnvironment JSON. Hopefully there are better ways?)
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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