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Choose your own adventure manual for guides


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User Story

Project: Choose your own adventure manual for guides!

    Description: Guide on helping brand new contributors find first tasks and match their skills/interests to projects/teams.

    Goal: Pathways goal #3 - system/community to support new contributors


    By end of 2014, documentation for the guides for 2-3 starter tasks for each of the eight areas of Get Involved.

    End Q3

    reach out to all contribution areas

    fully document one contribution area

    End Q4

    Program description is complete

    all contribution areas are documented

    1-2 first contributions per "bucket" are well documented

    how to add more areas and tasks


    Wiki document describing this project.

    Outline of what we want in the wiki.

    Definition of what it means to be a helper/guide.


    Contribution area experts

    Bedrock team - and decisions about GI page
No description provided.
User Story: (updated)
Priority: -- → P1
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