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Vertical toolbox shouldn't have such a big minimum width


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- Open the devtools on any page
- Switch the toolbox to vertical mode (button in the top-right corner of the toolbox)
- Resize the toolbox to make it as narrow as possible.

The minimum width is almost 500px right now, which is huge when you use it on a small screen like on a 13'' laptop.

This minimum width is probably here to ensure the toolbar tabs and buttons appear nicely in all cases, but I think this number is too big anyway.
fwiw there's no min/max width in horizontal mode.

I've had complaints from people who wanted the devtools open, but really really narrow to the side cause they were doing something on the page, and only needed to, say, look at the logs in the console, or watch one node in the inspector.

My opinion is that, past a certain min size, even if the tools become less usable (not all buttons/tabs visible, partly hidden rule-view or inspector), they should still function and be resizable even further. Past that point, it becomes the problem of the user to resize it bigger if s/he needs to.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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