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Results for numbered jobs are displayed in the wrong order if they arrive whilst the page is open


(Tree Management :: Treeherder, defect, P2)



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15:23 <Gijs> edmorley|sheriffduty: orthogonal question... is there a bug on file on mochitest-bcN not being sorted as one would expect on treeherder?
15:24 <edmorley|sheriffduty> Gijs: example link? :-)
15:24 <Gijs>
15:24 <Gijs> for me, at least
15:24 <Gijs> dunno if it's deterministic
15:25 <Gijs> heh, opening in a new tab and it's fine
15:25 <Gijs> edmorley|sheriffduty: my original tab looks like this:
15:26 <Gijs> I'm guessing it has to do with having the tab open while builds come in and get updated?
15:26 <mdoglio> Gijs: I think you're right
15:27 <mdoglio> the order is not kept when the job comes from an update vs on page load
Priority: -- → P2
The pull request in bug 1046759 may magically fix this. We'll need to test it once it gets merged and deployed.
See Also: → 1074866
Has anyone seen this recently? This may be fixed by other changes in the last few weeks.
I haven't seen this in ages.
Great :-)

Perhaps fixed by bug 1046759 or else the UI update code changes as part of the switch from to polling.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
See Also: 1074866
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