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Tarako Developer Submission Flow for multiple regions


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User Story

As an app developer I will be able to submit my Tarako app (app for lo-ram / rom device) to multiple regions in the Marketplace so that my app might reach a larger Tarako audience

As Mozilla Content Partner, I have made deals with Mozilla to submit apps for 1 of 3 regions. 

As a Mozilla Bus Development partner, I am working on deals with content providers in 3+ different regions for apps that work on lo-ram/rom devices for 1 or all of 3+ Tarako regions.
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Depends on: 1053230
Depends on: 1040347, 1053235
Depends on: 1053355, 1057092
Depends on: 1057089, 1053896
Depends on: 1009153
Blocks: Tarako_OnDeck
No longer blocks: tarako-marketplace
Depends on: 1059385
Depends on: 1047183
Depends on: 1062590
Depends on: 1063172
Depends on: 1063397
Depends on: 1063684
Depends on: 1063711
Depends on: 1064441
Depends on: 1064445
Depends on: 1077550
Depends on: 1077553
Blocks: tarako-marketplace
No longer blocks: Tarako_OnDeck
Summary: Tarako Developer Submission Flow → Tarako Developer Submission Flow for multiple regions
User Story: (updated)
Blocks: Tarako_OnDeck
No longer blocks: tarako-marketplace
DVD - 
So I know we're not doing regional homepages / app selections, however, should we be able to take apps in for Tarako regions on the submission page?

Are we moving forward with this at all?
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We are not moving forward with anything related to Tarako until we're told that there will be a continuation of Tarako with new markets to be launched. For now, there are no such indications.
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Closed: 8 years ago
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