Tree style tabs addon no longer nests control-click'd links properly




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4 years ago
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4 years ago
On nightly, tree style tabs no longer nests new tabs under their parent when control-clicking links. I bisected this down to:

> Author: Mike Conley <>
> Date:   Wed Aug 20 11:23:43 2014 -0400
>     Bug 1050447 - Skip focusing content if we're opening a new about:blank or about:newtab tab. r=dao, feedback=jimm.
>     This fixes a change in order of focus events for e10s after bug 1009628 landed.
>     We were accidentally focusing the content after focusing the URL bar for new
>     tabs. We now skip focusing the content entirely when opening a new tab.

Bug 1050447

Interestingly, tree-style tabs was already displaying this broken behavior in e10s before this change, bug 1042680

Comment 1

4 years ago
So the issue is TST is doing this:

> if ('openLinkIn' in window) {
>   eval('window.openLinkIn = '+
>        window.openLinkIn.toSource().replace('browser.loadOneTab(',
> 	                                    'TreeStyleTabService.onBeforeOpenLinkWithParams(params); $&')
>       );
> }

Which matches the line 'browser.loadOneTab(' and inserts a call to onBeforeOpenLinkWithParams. Bug 1050447 cleaned up this line to avoid an unnecessary let statement above that, causing the always-robust search-and-replace-browser.js-code method fail.

@mike, do you think you can revert this line to prevent breaking this, since it's a pretty trivial difference? Otherwise we'll need to reach out to the TST author to fix his pattern matching
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I'm going to see if the add-on author will accept my pull request[1].
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(In reply to John Schoenick [:johns] from comment #1)
> @mike, do you think you can revert this line to prevent breaking this, since
> it's a pretty trivial difference?

We're not going to do that. This needs to be fixed in the add-on.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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Comment 4

3 years ago
Firefox 37.0.1 seems to have re-introduced this problem.

Using the Tree Style Tab add-on, a Ctrl-Click on a tab has opened a new tab as a child of the one the Ctrl-Click was done on. With 37.0.1 installed, Ctrl-Click now creates the new tab at the root level at the bottom of the tab list.
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