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fix ResponseSerializer url to handle about:config type urls


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The ResponseSerializer url field is a URLField which rejects about:config and urls like that.

It shouldn't. That's naughty.

This bug covers making that stop.
Hi Will,

Can you also test for chrome:// url as well.
I'm on PTO Monday through Wednesday, but I'll get to this when I get back.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
To sum up, we need to add support for:

1. about: urls
2. chrome:// urls

It looks like we've got some JS that restricts URLs to http/https/ftp urls in fjord/feedback/static/js/generic_feedback.js .

I think we should fix this across the board so that we accept the following url schemes:

1. protocol-less. e.g.
2. http/https: e.g.
3. ftp: e.g.
4. about: e.g. about:mozilla
5. chrome: e.g. chrome://foo

That covers the following places:

1. generic feedback form (client-side field validation, server-side field validation)
2. Input API (server-side field validation)
Most of it is in a PR:

The outstanding part is redoing the client-side field validation for the generic feedback form to also support about: and chrome:// urls. That's mostly a "for consistency sake" issue. We could push that work off since it doesn't affect the Input API at all.
Everything except the outstanding stuff landed in master in:
Pushed this to prod just now.

Outstanding things:

1. rewrite the client-side url field validation for the generic feedback form
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Oops--this got put in the wrong sprint so I missed it last quarter. Tossing it in this quarter's sprint.
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On second thought, I'm switching this back to last quarter and spinning off a new bug for the outstanding work since this bug is really API-specific.

Marking as FIXED.
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