OpenH264Provider doesn't return the libraries path & filename




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4 years ago
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The OpenH264Providers getters for pluginLibraries & pluginFullpath return the directory the plugin is in, not the actual library.

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4 years ago
This is intentional and I don't think it should change. The plugin is both the library and the .info fire.
It's definitely a little awkward now for pluginLibraries, which just returns e.g. |["1.0"]|.
Hi George,

Currently there are some changes which are made to the code which you gave: 

The old one is: 

and the new one is:

seems like, now I have to take a look at again, I'm a bit confused with the new thing. Can you help me with the changes which are in the new one?

Comment 5

3 years ago
If you open the DXR page, you will see a "mercurial log" link in the navigation in the upper right corner. Clicking this link will let you see the recent changes to this file including the commit message which will link you to any bugs.
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