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The Loop one call functional test fails in websocket code unless the development servers are running


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The Loop one call functional test starts its own servers on ports 5001 and 3001. It seems, however, that the test fails in websocket code, unless the development servers are also running on ports 5000 and 3000.
This is either a loop server issue, or a test-config setup issue.

In the post to /calls/<token> the server is returning a progress url with port 5000. Hence, the set-up for the server which tells it that it should be using 5001 isn't working.
One line fix to add a public server address setting for the loop-server. This gets the tests passing again.

I did wonder about fixing the server to set the default port for the public address depending on the PORT env var, but that seemed unnecessarily complicated for something that should probably be specified regardless.
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Fix functional test setup for Loop to set the correct public server address so that websocket connections work correctly.

r=dmose, conditional on filing a bug on having the server use PORT as the basis for binding the websocket
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