Enable ability to search within a group



4 years ago
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4 years ago
1. got o a group: 
EX: https://mozillians.org/en-US/group/couchsurfing/
2. Try to sort people by some element - name, region, city, country

The feature is not available - also int he search in main page I am not sure you can add group:qa & city: cluj

This will be useful for reaching people in an area with common interests - without the need to enter each and every ones profile. 

Another ex: Plan to visit a City and try to use the couchsurf group..
Great idea +1
Severity: enhancement → normal
Hardware: ARM → All
Thanks Ioana! This is a feature that the Dev Rel team is interested in as well.

This sounds related to the filters being added to search results in bug 1048844. Perhaps we can use that same functionality within groups.
See Also: → bug 1048844
Summary: Enable ability to search with a group → Enable ability to search within a group
Blocks: 1300758
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