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>>Project/Request Title:
Big 5 Events Campaign CTA Cards

>>Project Overview:
The next in the series of "Big 5" events 2014 campaign for the Apps & Marketplace, Developer Relations, and Developer Tools teams are mid-September, followed by the final two events the first week of November, and as the CTA cards originally designed for OSCON, then edited for BrazilJS, have been so popular, we would like to continue to use them for this campaign.

The cards have been very well received, and have proved effective as a convenient and eye-catching vehicle for communicating messaging around our products, and providing a long-lasting point of reference for conversations had at the shows.

>> Creative Help Needed:
Copy:    No 
Design:  Yes 
Video:   No 
Other:  No

>>Creative Specs:
- Print-ready PDF and EPS versions of each of the three existing cards (MDN, Firefox, and Mozilla), personalized with the JSConf EU wordmark/logo  
- New CTA card design for the Firefox OS App Manager

>>CTA and Design:
General Reference:
- JSConf EU Project Brief:
- Original CTA card request:
- Most recent version of 

1. Logo Swag for Existing Latest Version of CTA Cards:
- Remove BrazilJS logo from each of the three existing designs, replace with JSConf EU logo

2. New CTA Card Design Direction, Front Side:
- Firefox logo should be centered (question here - would it make more sense to feature the sketch fox, since this will differentiate it from the Firefox card, and it will match the developer style FxOS branding?)
- JSConf EU wordmark/logo

3. New CTA Card Design Direction, Back Side:
- Horizontal Firefox OS logo and wordmark
- Copy: "The App Manager is a tool for Firefox Desktop which provides a number of useful tools to help developers test, deploy and debug HTML5 web apps on Firefox OS phones & Simulator, directly from Firefox browser." (Note: this copy is from the App Manager page on the MDN site: Open to revising this copy if necessary)
- Next section of copy: "Learn more at"

Note: the copy here may be too lengthy for the card - open to revising to trim, if necessary.

Second Note: If the second CTA design cannot be completed by deadline, we can hold on delivery until October, and personalize for the next two Big 5 events instead of JSConf EU. The logo swap for the existing card design should take minimal time. 

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Launch Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:
Firefox OS

>>Points of Contact:

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3 years ago
Hi Robyn, 

I'm not familiar with what these cards are. Can you add the cards (pdf, jpeg, screenshot) that need to be updated to the bug or point to the original bug where they were created?  Hopefully the directions you've provided will be a bit easier to follow then. 

It sounds like it's a tad bit more than just updating a single logo on these cards, so we may not be able to get these done by 9/3, especially with the Labor Day holiday. Realistically, I don't think that we will be able to get a brand new card created. I'll be in touch with next steps soon.

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3 years ago
Created attachment 8481475 [details]
Latest version of the cards used

Sure thing, Jennifer. Sorry - I referenced the bug where the original cards were created, though it looks like I never finished the next point where I link to the latest version. Hope this helps.
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Comment 3

3 years ago
Hi guys,

Just wanted to check the status here. The JSConf event was last week, perhaps we could get some for GDC Next/ADC in November? Wondering if this would fit into your time commitments.


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3 years ago
Hi Robyn, 

This one just slipped through the cracks. Sorry about that. If you can submit the bug now, we'll make sure they get done for GDC Next/ADC.
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