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Planet is has started misattributing/confusing posts and owners


(Websites ::, defect)

Not set


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(Reporter: njn, Assigned: mhoye)


Planet Mozilla is confusing my blog
( with the security blog
( There are two security posts
currently visible attributed to me:

- Nicholas Nethercote — Update on reviewing our data practices and
Bugzilla development database disclosure

- Nicholas Nethercote — mozilla::pkix ships in Firefox!

The links go to the right place, and the RSS feed looks like it's ok.
Ok, investigating. 

QA Contact: mhoye
This only just started, as far as I can tell from my RSS reader.
Err... well, I mean, njn's blog post showed up as part of the RSS feed for the security blog, I think?  I'll have to investigate.
Weird, I don't see it here:
But in my newsreader, I see njn's latest two posts at a random point in the feed.  Maybe that's unrelated.
Well, I have no idea what's going on here, but this is my bug.

Assignee: nobody → mhoye
FWIW, I haven't changed anything about my blog recently.
Also, it appears that the posts I am writing on my blog aren't showing up on Planet. This is annoying.
> This is annoying.

As is being pinged on IRC about once per hour to have a new person say "hey, why are the security blog posts showing up under your name on Planet?"
Committed revision 131577 to test a theory.
(In reply to Mike Hoye [:mhoye] from comment #9)
> Committed revision 131577 to test a theory.

Want me to do a test post on my blog?
No, just take a look at Planet. Is it doing the right thing?
OK, it looks like this has been fixed. I've replaced your previous RSS feed with the Atom feed, and that seems to have sorted the issue. 

I have not found a root cause here; I kicked it and it started working, which hey, great, but it still feels dissatisfying.

According to Planet/Project config files there is zero overlap between the Mozilla Security blog and yours. Security only appears in the Projects blog, not Planet main and yours does the opposite, so nothing should be touching both of those wires at the same time, so I suspect but cannot prove cache corruption somewhere.

I'm marking this fixed. If it happens again I'll dig into whatever Planet's running on to see what's up.
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
Hooray for bidirectional cache corruption.  

Committed revision 131578 to kick the tires on the other side of the car.
Looks good. My blog on Planet, and the Security and Products Team blogs on Planet Projects all look like they're showing up correctly. Thank you.
I'm really not happy with how little I understand what's going on here.
OK. This seems to be resolved, for some very disappointing values of "resolved".
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Summary: Planet is confusing my blog and the security blog → Planet is has started misattributing/confusing posts and owners
Yes. I'll investigate further.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
I've flushed the internal cache that planet.m.o uses to build its pages, and am rebuilding it now.

Unknown if this will for sure fix the problem, but there's a reasonable chance it will... it does sometimes do odd things like this. :(
I have Bug 1064518 open for that, if you'd like to close it over there as well; that includes a request to look at whatever is underpinning planet to make sure it's acting right. If you could reassure me on that front, that'd be great.
I believe this should be fixed now. is not actually in the config for those posts shouldn't have been there in the first place. This is some sort of bug in the planet build code... it appears to cue off of things it's done in the past when it's deciding what to do in the current run. That's my best guess anyway, because flushing the cache causes those posts to go away, and they do not come back.

I believe this behavior in turn causes an oddity with post attribution. My guess is it's looking for the owner in the config file, not finding it, and somehow choosing someone else instead (off-by-one or reusing previously-initialized variables, perhaps).

As far as why that blog isn't in the config... you got me, no idea. Not sure if it should be or what. Maybe it belongs on, or on and was removed from at some point?
OK, I confirm that it is to all appearances fixed. I really would like to know precisely what's going on here, but in the absence of my having the spare time to debug public-facing race conditions in legacy software, "to all appearances fixed" will have to do.

Thanks for your help!
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