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Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to message->new Message
2. Type a number
3. Switch to message placeholder
4. Press back button, it asks for draft option. Press cancel.
5. Press Home button.
6. Switch to message again.
7. Press back key

Actual results:

It doesn't ask for draft option

Expected results:

It should ask again ask for draft option again
Component: General → Gaia::SMS
Whiteboard: [g+][LibGLA,TD92485,QE1, B]
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Actually, whenever the message app, visibility changes the message is already saved as draft.

So, is there a way to tell the user that it is already saved?

Something like system toast if we have?
The case here is when we move the app to background, it will save to draft automatically to prevent data loss like OOM kill. So if you move message app to foreground and back without any change, we will know draft already saved without further changes. No prompt will display at this moment. Hi Jenny, do you think is there any changes we can make to improve the UX?
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I think we can show a toast message whenever the message app goes in background, something like saved as draft & the thread list view is shown (instead of thread view).
Hi, I think showing toast whenever the message app goes in background is a bit too much. When user taps on home/use edge gesture to leave the composing window, it probably indicates there's something more pressing to do than messaging at the moment, so I prefer we handle things quietly in the background so that there's distraction free. Let's keep the current behavior for now. Thanks!
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Hi Jenny

If a toast is much, then I think whenever message app goes in background we should come back to thread list view.

your suggestion required.

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Hello, Steve and I are discussing the possibility of always auto save draft and not show the action menu at all, in that case, toast is required. Once this is settled I will create a spec for the change, current behavior will remain as it is till then. Thanks!
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(In reply to ankit93040 from comment #5)
> Hi Jenny
> If a toast is much, then I think whenever message app goes in background we
> should come back to thread list view.

I disagree with this. When we press home and then open message app again, we should have the same state.

However, I'm completely in favor of removing the action menu when saving drafts. :D
But then I think we need something to discard it easily when we recall it. Or display an in-app banner that has a "discard" or "undo" button when we autosave (if the window is hidden, we'd keep it displayed until the window is opened again).
Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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