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Clean up logspam generated by non-fatal manifest parsing errors


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04:13:17     INFO -  Included file '/builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/toolkit/devtools/debugger/tests/unit/xpcshell.ini' does not exist

While lines like the above can be harmless, in some cases they point to legitimately-lost test coverage that is being silently ignored (the line above regressed in Gecko 24). There's a long list of similar failures in mochitest runs post-conversion.

This bug covers cleaning up these failures so we can then consider making them fatal moving forward.
Blocks: 1059824
The xpcshell part of this was probably fixed in bug 1066735 / bug 1079651. I'm pretty sure we still have logspam from non-test tests in Mochitest manifests.
Assignee: ryanvm → nobody
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