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V31 uses wrong identity when replying to messages from Yahoo group forums


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Steps to reproduce:

1. using French windows 7 64bits. I have six accounts in my instance of Thunderbird.
2. my default account is subscribed to forums from Yahoo groups, and everything was fine until version 31.
3. when replying messages from these forums (only), the sender becomes  another account than the one the message was sent to, and I have to change the sender back to my default account manually for  each new reply.
4, no other mail is affected.

Actual results:

My reply is sent from another account than the one on which the message was received unless I change it manually.

Expected results:

my reply should have been sent to the same account that received the original message.
It seems my problem doesn't only occur with Yahoo forums but, more randomly, with other forums to .
The only common point I found is the fact that all problematic mails are sent from forums.
One thing I am sure of is that this problem was not present in V24.
How can I help localise the problem?
Please help me help you.
Just downloaded 31.1.0. I now have the same problem as Jeanphi. 

I have three accounts, and when I reply to a Yahoo group message, my from address is not the one the message was to. 

I have had this problem forever when forwarding messages, and now the bug is twice as bad. 

The wrong address that is used is at the top in my list of accounts. I don't really know why it's the first one. I didn't select that at any time and don't know how to move it down.
The first account is the one that is set as default (you can change which is default in the account manager).
Hi, Magnus. I went into Account Settings, Account Actions. For two of the three accounts, the option to Set as Default is greyed out.

Here are some more details. At the top of the folder pane I have an account called McGill, which has its own Inbox. It is marked as the default account in that section.

Below that is Local Folders, which receives/sends mail for two accounts, with one of them set as default. I receive most mail using one of those two accounts.

The problem is that when I forward mail received by one of those accounts, and now when I reply to mail received by one of those accounts, the outgoing address now defaults to the McGill one.
Hi all,
Good ! I Certainly feel less lonely now.
But my case is even more funny.
The account my Yahoo forums  are subscribed to is my default account indeed. But my replies are sent from another account which is not even the first one in the list, I have to switch them back to my default account manually. So I think the fact that an account is the default one or the first one in the list does not matter in this case.
Did you try with safe-mode (Help | Restart with Add-ons disabled)?
Keywords: regression
Summary: V31 issue when replying to messages from Yahoo group forums → V31 uses wrong identity when replying to messages from Yahoo group forums
Hi. I just did. No change.
Updating Thunderbird regularly, now with version 45.2.
The problem remains, but I discovered it can be solved by a very cool add-on I discovered called 
correct identity.
I recommend it to everyone who has this problem, it works.
Just type correct identity in your add-ons search field and you'll find it.
Best regards.
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