Show option to allow current popup in popups info bar for "about:blank"




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Popups infobar

When I visit, it attempts a to about:blank.  This is blocked by Firefox with an infobar.  The options in the infobar are:
* Allow popups for
* Edit popup blocker preferences
* Don't show this message when popups are blocked.

There is no option to allow the popup for now.  Often a user isn't sure if they want to whitelist popups for the site forever, they may just want to see what the first popup is before deciding if it's helpful to allow or annoying to allow.

Can we add an option for this?  If I recall correctly, we used to have one.  Thanks!

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4 years ago
This is only broken for about:blank, as far as I can tell. If I modify your testcase to use "", I see the option fine (admittedly I'm testing on beta - it's possible this regressed on Nightly for all sites, but about:blank hasn't worked since at least early 2013 (noticed when I started regression hunting convinced that this was a regression :-) ) ).

Can you confirm if you're just seeing this with about:blank?
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Summary: Add option to allow current popup in popups info bar → Show option to allow current popup in popups info bar for "about:blank"

Comment 2

4 years ago
Yes you are right:

I see the option for

(Just fyi, I also have some other test cases that I wrote for a different purpose:
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