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Remove nsISupportsObsolete.h


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There is only one more use of a nsISupportsObsolete.h macro in mozilla-central. froydnj, do we want to remove nsISupportsObsolete.h?

If so, we need to take care of uses in comm-central as well. I volunteer to expand the macros in comm-central, but the Thunderbird devs might prefer to copy nsISupportsObsolete.h into comm-central instead.
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The NS_IMPL_CLASS_* macros look useful, but if we haven't been using them, then they're not worth keeping around.  Let's remove the file.
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jcranmer, would you prefer to expand the macros in comm-central (I can do that) or to move nsISupportsObsolete.h into comm-central?
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Replacing the macros seems the better way to go. Although note that NS_FREE_XPCOM_ISUPPORTS_POINTER_ARRAY is also defined in nsMemory.h, so there's probably no need to rewrite those macros.
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Import nsISupportsObsolete.h from mozilla-central (for comm-central)

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Half of this file is unused, and most of the rest of the half is used in just one file. I'm going to instead prepare a patch that simply stops using it altogether.
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Remove NS_INIT_ISUPPORTS (for comm-central)

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Really? Only one use of a useless API and its only used is in a surprisingly new portion of libmime? I'm honestly surprised we had this few uses.
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1. I added NS_IMPL_GETSET to nsMsgUtils.h because there was enough use of it and I didn't file like a massive copy-paste job.
2. nsNNTPNewsgroupPost got a massive overhaul by changing things to nsCString from char*. Actually, all of those methods are unused, come to think of it. You could replace the interface with nsIFile and probably no one would care.
3. There's a few NS_IMPL_GETTER expansions, because I didn't feel like porting the macro for two or three implementations.
4. Ditto for NS_IMPL_CLASS_GETSET and friends (especially because it's arguably more useful to just use NS_DECL_NSIFOOBAR).
5. I killed off the NS_LOCK_INSTANCE and NS_UNLOCK_INSTANCE. nsNNTPNewsgroupPost isn't threadsafe in the first place, so it makes no sense there; we don't do anything with NNTP off-main-thread and the methods in nsNNTPService.cpp already early-return, so there's no point locking there, even though it's nominally threadsafe.
[threadsafe here means it supports threadsafe AddRef/Release. Neither of those classes are likely to be threadsafe in the least.]
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Stop using nsISupportsObsolete in comm-central

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Details look good, compiles fine.
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