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File save not working for some websites with long file names


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Steps to reproduce:

The save file is not working with various file name lengths and different web sites.

Open these two pages in Fx 34 nightly using two tabs for example.
Page Title:
The Official Win32 20140901 builds are not yet out • mozillaZine Forums.htm
Page Title:
NASCAR 2014 Sprint Cup Series Race Schedule   NASCAR Drivers, Race Standings & News _

Actual results:

Using Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

Saving mozillazine by either the "File/Save page as" or the context menu "Save Page As" does not produce a .htm file.
It will create a sub-directory with the supporting files under the main file name with _files appended to the name.

Saving the NASCAR files using the same technique will create a .htm file and the sub-directory with the supporting files.

This is where it seems inconsistent.
On Windows Vista Ultimate saving the mozillaZine files with the name shortened to 32 chars total up to the "." file name separator will produce the .htm file and create the subdirectory with supporting files.
Seems sometimes the .htm file is not created but the subdirectory and supporting files are always created.
Example filename that works correctly:
TheWin32 20140901aZine Forum_files
TheWin32 20140901aZine Forum.htm

64 bit systems may produce different results too.

Expected results:

Expected a .htm file to be created with a directory containing supporting files under the main file name.
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Unable to reproduce in 34.0a1 (2014-09-01), Win 7 x64.

Please check if the issue occurs using Firefox in safe mode (with your addons disabled):

And on a new, empty profile:
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Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

Thread on mozillaZine:

In a squeaky clean profile the initial filename had to be shortened to this for to save mozillaZine site (the .htm is added when saved):

Counting 32 chars the dot is included in the 32.


Page title:
<title>The Official Win32 20140901 builds are out &bull; mozillaZine Forums </title>

Saved filename and directory:
ds are out • mozillaZine Forums.htm


Page title:
<title>NASCAR 2014 Sprint Cup Series Race Schedule : NASCAR Drivers, Race Standings &amp; News |</title>

Saved filename and directory:
NASCAR 2014 Sprint Cup Series Race Schedule   NASCAR Drivers, Race Standings & News _

All the supporting files are there in both cases.
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I felt I needed to add that some sites will NEVER create an htm(l) file at all.


Also during the saving there is only a prompt for "File already Exists" when it is trying to save the .htm(l) file.  It does not occur for the over-writing of a directory.
This is happening on my system as well, but doesn't have anything to do with the length of the filename.
Win 7 Pro 64bit; i7-4770 3.4Ghz CPU
Firefox v.32

The behavior is inconsistent. On some websites, it will work correctly, on other websites, it will not work at all. For example, the two above mentioned websites (vagunforum and nascar), when I went to them and tried it, they both worked, but at it did not work for any page.

When it does not work, what happens is when you save-as and use the "Webpage, complete" option, the xxx_files folder and its contents *will* be saved, but the html file itself will *not* be saved.

The only way that I have gotten around this is to — immediately before saving the page — go to Firefox's settings»advanced»network and click the clear-now button for Cached Web Content, *then* save. This has to be done before every save-as with "Webpage, complete".

Another Firefox user who reported trouble with webpage complete reported that using the clear-cache method mentioned above did fix the problem for him, as well, but only for the immediate saving attempt (just as it does for me). The cache must be cleared just before every time you save or the html file will not be created.

Not sure what the bug is, but it must be somehow related to the Firefox cache in some way.
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