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Syncing Lightning w/GDATA Provider blocks/hangs/freezes UI thread


(Calendar :: Provider: GData, defect)

Lightning 3.3
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(Keywords: perf)


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Launch Thunderbird (or wait for Lighting to sync the calendar)
2. 3 seconds after the UI appears, the process is flagged as "Not responding" by Windows.
3. Open Task Manager, notice that Thunderbird is using 100% of one CPU core.
4. Eventually (20-30 seconds later) the Calendar finishes syncing. CPU usage drops to 0% and the UI becomes responsive.

I started having this problem around Thunderbird 24.2.0 with Lighting 2.6.4 and Provider for Google Calendar 0.25. I did not have the problem before. Furthermore, disabling the Provider for Google Calendar plugin makes the problem go away.

This issue is 100% reproducible under:

Windows 7, 64-bit
Thunderbird 31.0
Lighting 3.3
Provider for Google Calendar 0.25

Actual results:

Calendar sync blocking UI thread

Expected results:

Calendar should sync in a background thread without blocking UI. The UI should display the latest state at any given time (display a stale state while syncing is in progress).
Keywords: perf
I like the title of this one most, confirming this one and marking a few others duplicate. This is still an issue in the Provider 1.0.2.
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See that too ;-(
Summary: Syncing Lightning w/GDATA Provider blocks UI thread → Syncing Lightning w/GDATA Provider blocks/hangs/freezes UI thread
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Assignee: nobody → philipp
I've found a way to unblock the UI thread, I had though that Task.jsm does this automatically. Since the UI is usable in the time now, I've also made use of the activity manager to make sure the user knows its still in progress.

I will push this as part of bug 1079189, so consider this FIXED. I will also make this part of the *third* pre-relase version in bug 1106047, please head over there and see if this fixes it. You will have to resubscribe to your calendar to trigger a full synchronization. If this is still an issue in that test version, please reopen this bug.
Closed: 9 years ago
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