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Can't set network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris


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I'm trying to set this and other firefox preferences for a lot of computers at the same time. I have there made a .js file with several settings, located in the the firefox lib dir. 

It works as expected, all required preferences are set, except the network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris . Firefox ignores the pref. I have put these two lines (the second just to check it) into the preferences file:


It works for the  ...-urix, but not for the ...-uris. It still shows just https:// in the about:config

So there must be something special about this variable for firefox not to accept it.
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The pref values are wrong, I believe those need to be full URIs (scheme://domain[/path]).  Try and let us know.
No, doesn't work, not even shown in about:config. (I, btw. would expect that if I make a syntax error, it would not function, but still be shown in about:config)

I did not find any official docs about this value, but lot's of web pages about enabling Kerberos in Firefox tell that it is a comma separated list of either URL prefixes like https:// or domain suffixes like

Whatever it is, I'd expect to read the string value from config files.
Maybe try to set them up using about:config (best use a clean profile) and then check prefs.js file in the profile dir.  You'll see how the prefs are actually stored and see what you are doing wrong, if anything.  Checking the code that reads the prefs in our authentication code - there is nothing abnormal, the same way we read prefs all around the platform.
Actually, I've tried to report a bug to the maintainers and not to find someone without detailed knowledge giving me hints what to try about how firefox could work. 

After all, this is mozilla's bug page, not just an arbitrary forum.
I'm maintainer (one of) the authentication code.  But not one of the profile pref reading code.  

Sorry to bother you with my attempts to help.
This bug still applies to Firefox 38. Copying the setting from user's own prefs.js file won't work. Something resets the settings defaults/pref so that they do not apply.  

I have a network wide firefox installation, where we need to disable negotiate-auth for an internal server, where it does work. I can device workarounds myself, but please, consider fixing the bug.
Oops, sorry! It turns out that this bug is caused by xul-ext-ubufox firefox extension package in Ubuntu Linux installations. The extension sets the pref value and therefore overrides the value in defaults/pref.

You can close this bug. Sorry about the noise.
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