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4 years ago
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We'd like to deploy the loop-client 0.5.0 release to production.

This can be done once staging has been verified by QA.
Loop-Client Stage has been very quickly deployed and verified.
We can continue with a push to Prod pending OPs' schedule.
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4 years ago
This has been pushed and is awaiting a once over.
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I've given it a quick end-to-end call on my local machine, and it seems fine. I'll let QA sign-off fully.

Can one or both of you check this out from the client side?
I can do a desktop to desktop in a few hours.
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I think Anthony would be the person you would want to ask here.
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I've just done a desktop:desktop 1:1 call for several minutes and didn't encounter any issues. Were there specific bug fixes in 0.5.0 that I should be verifying? 

FYI, James -- please use the qe-verify flag instead of the whiteboard tag, thanks.
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:ashughes not sure if there were any specific that QA needed to regress for this release, but here is what is in the release:
Bug 1050301 Loop-client now has a script to generate the release
Bug 990678 Add ability to make audio only calls in Loop
Bug 1022594 Desktop client needs ability to decline an incoming call (standalone client now detects this)
Bug 1046178 Stop using hardcoded brand names in L10n data files
Bug 1019454 Hide ToS when it has been seen in the standalone UI
Bug 1058258 Fix typos and improve some of the Loop text
Bug 1048938 Update Loop conversation layout to match latest design from the mockups (parts 1 and 2)
Bug 1059717 Drop creating zip files from the loop-client release process
Bug 1045643 Notify the Loop server when the client has local media up and remote media being received
Bug 1060525 Various string changes for Loop based on UX feedback
Bug 1060452 Add generic-failure string for Loop clients.
Bug 1061154 Part 2 and 3 Change existing Loop strings based on UX feedback
Bug 1062835 Missing text on Loop's link-clicker UI for non-English locales

It appears we are good to go though. We can always bounce any of the above tickets if it appears to not be fixed against this Prod server release.
FYI that is in the changelog:

I'll add the link to the bugs for future releass.
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