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Shift-refreshing macros that call other macros no longer picks up changes in the submacro


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What did you do?
Scenario: a macro (let's call it the primary) that uses the template() function to call out to another macro (let's call it the secondary) as part of its functionality.

A change is made to the secondary macro.

We have bug 935693 already, about the fact that this should automatically be picked up.

However, in the past, if you shift-refreshed the secondary macro's page, then the primary macro's page, then the wiki pages that use the primary macro, the changes would take effect.

What happened?
This is no longer happening. I'm not sure when this started, but it's fairly recent.

What should have happened?
Using shift-refresh as mentioned above (up the chain of macros to the pages that use the primary macro) should cause the edits to the secondary macro to be reflected on the page.

Is there anything else we should know?
Bug 935693 requests the specific behavior desired. This bug appears to request a workaround that bug 935693 would make unnecessary. 

Marking this as minor.

:groovecoder, can you comment on whether this workaround is drastically simpler than bug 935693? If so, we may want to reconsider the severity level here.
Severity: normal → minor
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The actual problem here is incredibly bad for productivity for the writing team. If you guys opt to do bug 935693 instead, that's awesome, but one of these needs to be done ASAP so we can finish the work we're trying to do on enhanced landing pages and the like.
Pages affected include:

Any page using the LandingPageWithSubpages macro is affected, since it calls through several levels of macros, some of which were in the middle of being updated when bug 1044068 struck. If the macro had a bug, that meant we were getting cached messes that we couldn't fix, leaving us unable to debug the macros.

So it's totally possible that even after pushing a fix for this, the pages above might still not work. :)
Note to self: the macro affected is LandingPageListSubpages
Flags: needinfo?(lcrouch)
This is the major bug to fix regression and restore the functionality as before. Bug 935693 is the enhancement bug that is significantly more work.
Severity: minor → major
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fix bug 1063580 - Synchronize template URL format between kuma and kumascript
bug 1063580 - add test for kumascript.get logic
Merge pull request #2735 from groovecoder/sync-template-cache-keys-1063580

fix bug 1063580 - Synchronize template URL format between kuma and kumascript
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