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4 years ago
Metro specific tests are in 2 places:
> mutt/mutt/tests/js/metro/testTouchEvents/
> mutt/mutt/tests/js/testMetro/

They should be brought together under the same folder.

There's also a difference in that the TouchEvents tests should work on a regular Firefox build since they only test touch interaction. They should be tested, and if deemed viable we should include them in a regular `mutt testjs` run (in this case they should not reside in a `metro` folder).

The only test in `testMetro` requires the (defunct) Metro interface, so this can not be part of the regular mutt testrun.
Hi, I contribute to Web QA Automation and getting familiar with Mozmill, Mozbase, Mochitests. I'll like to work on this one.
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The solution that comes to my mind is:

Since the `testTouchEvents` are more generalised and can run both on metro mode and regular build let move them from `mutt/mutt/tests/js/metro/testTouchEvents/` to `mutt/mutt/tests/js/testTouchEvents/` and make them a part of `mutt testjs` and now we can move `testMetro` from `mutt/mutt/tests/js/testMetro/` to `mutt/mutt/tests/js/metro/testMetro/` and also include the `testTouchEvent` in metro manifest.

This will give the following structure:

├── metro
│   └── testMetro
├── testAssertions
├── testController
├── testDriver
├── testElementsLib
├── testFrame
│   ├── testGlobalTimeout
│   ├── testHttpd
│   │   ├── testChangeServerRoot
│   │   │   ├── data1
│   │   │   └── data2
│   │   └── testRestartAvailability
│   ├── testRequire
│   │   └── sub
│   ├── testRestart
│   │   ├── testApplicationDisconnect
│   │   └── testStates
│   ├── testSandbox
│   └── testUserShutdown
│       ├── testMultiple
│       └── testTimeoutRestartApplication
├── testL10n
├── testLiveWeb
├── testTouchEvents
└── testUtils

and then we can change the manifest files accordingly.

Please let me know if this sounds good to you also, so that I can go ahead and make the changes.
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We should better combine the several tests for touch events into a single test module, and put it below testController where we already have a couple of other modules for keyboard/mouse handling.
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Mozmill will reach its end of life soon. We are currently working on getting all the tests for Firefox ported to Marionette. For status updates please see bug 1080766.

That means we do not worry about test locations, but only fix remaining critical bugs with Mozmill.
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