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3 years ago
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3 years ago
When issuing a badge there's no option to write in a response; that the default English response is emailed out automatically.

This is especially helpful for non-english speaking individuals!

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3 years ago
Matt, is this doable?
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* sorry for slow reply on this

* Amira: I'm not sure I fully understand the change you'd like us to make. Can you explain?
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* do you mean: the current default boilerplate email response *forces* English into the email? 

* and that we should provide an option to remove that forced English copy?
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* The [oct3] train has now left the station. So please update the whiteboard with [oct17], or whatever train you're now planning to put this on. Thanks!
* I don't understand what's required to fix this ticket
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3 years ago
If I issue a badge to someone online through the section I can't actually edit the response that person gets. So if I were issuing a badge to someone in Japan who doesn't read english well, they will get an automated email that makes no sense to them. As opposed to me putting in a sentence or two in Japanese that explains the badge or why they got it.
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* I'm assuming this ticket is now in the icebox. Meaning: no one is actively working in it further, until further notice

* please update if that's wrong
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Webmaker badges has been deprecated for a while now. We're working towards retiring the Webmaker Product on bugzilla, so I'm closing this issue.
Last Resolved: 9 months ago
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