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4 years ago
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4 years ago
During the project call this morning, MTV & SFO sound fine over the airmo stream.

Received reports over irc that remote speakers and offices other than MTV & SFO, audio comes up really low on the stream.
Audio was actually really low for all of the speakers, but it was really lower for everyone other than MTV.

I could *just* adequately hear MTV and SFO with my volume cranked all the way up, and anyone other than MTV and SFO we could tell they were speaking but couldn't really make out more than a word or two here and there because it was so quiet.  Meanwhile anytime someone highlited me on IRC it almost blew my ears out because the volume was cranked.
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4 years ago
Hi Richard and Henry,
Is this an issue that can be heard over the playback of the AirMo stream, or is it more of an issue as experienced by remote sites through Vidyo? Was the method of sending audio into the stream all handled by the Vidyo send, or were the ATEM audio mixes being utilized?
Definitely via airmo. My understanding is they could hear okay in the office.

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4 years ago
Did some testing yesterday before our townhall meeting, audio from remote people on their laptops sounded fine over the airmo stream. Still need to test again to see if we can duplicate the issue.
This was happening again today during the public meeting.  Not quite as bad as last week (I can actually hear everyone - but I have to have the volume cranked, and MTV is still way louder than everyone else).

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4 years ago
Thanks Dave, there is certainly an issue. Adding in Guillermo and Joel as well as Aaron from our team. I listened to the meeting from last week, as well as the meeting from this week. There are certainly very disparate levels from all non MTV endpoints that have not never been experienced previously. Nothing has changed on our settings (and we do not have setting adjustments for many of the participants on laptops), so wondering if there has been any change in how the stream is being produced (for instance, are the ATEM feeds now being used?) 

It sounds to me as if this may again be another anomaly occurring from the Panorama audio issues in MTV. I am happy to test further with your team to confirm. Last week especially it sounded as though not only MTV, but the other sites were being passed back through the Panorama, and at the beginning of the speech from those ends there was a boominess to the audio, as if the audio were being doubled through the Panorama, and then as MTV was either muted, or the panorama echo cancellation kicks in, the audio from the far end sites was squashed. While SF was a little louder than some sites, this site was obviously effected as well.

First of all, where do we stand with this audio issue as reported to Vidyo Guillermo? Secondly, would it be useful to make a few test calls without MTV, and then add MTV into the mix to see if the issue re-occurs? This could very well be more of the issue we have been battling.
As of today's meeting this is still happening.  Potch was in London today, and had to crank the volume to hear him.  Johnath was in MTV and sounded quite normal (had to turn it back down to not be blasting)
We need a separate output from the ClearOne for the Encoders.  This needs to be compressed and limited with a zero db target.  ...and we need this in all of the AirMo origination venues.

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4 years ago
Let us know after talking internally if we need to submit a proposal.

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4 years ago
Adding Robb.

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4 years ago
SFO audio was super low over airmo, even though the volume was cranked up all the way in both SFO & MTV.

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4 years ago

Could we have someone come out to look at this issue.  I have had a few complaints about incoming audio levels for Airmo.  We need to open up the volume levels.  Seems to be focused around the volume from remote sites through Vidyo.

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4 years ago
Hi Robb,
No problem. I saw Bugzilla, and was already planning to make this part of our Rockbot visit to the MTV site tomorrow. A couple points of clarification I am curious about...

Are are the volume differences between sites also evident to participants on the remote (non MTV) Vidyo calls, or is this specifically experienced only on the AirMo feed? Is the feed to Airmo still emanating from a computer called in to the Vidyo call, or is the encoder receiving a feed direct from the ATEM hardware? Thanks,
Encoder feeds come from the ATEM.  But also see bug 1014702. ...and the audio inputs to the ATEM are coming in the wrong ports.  The Sound from Panorama comes in on one of the camera inputs instead of a Panorama input.   We need documentation on where the audio coming in on other ports is sourced.
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