Cross-domain URL hosted in iframe can renavigate pop-up window spawned by parent




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This is an example of where introducing an iframe that sources a link functions differently in Fx than some of the other browsers.

!. Click on "Go to my web page" - should open x-domain pop-up window
2. Click on "" inside the iframe - should renavigate x-domain pop-up window

(Note: the two domains used here are "" and "".)

On Chrome, the second step is caught by their pop-up blocker.
On Safari, the second step spawns the page in a new tab, but does not renavigate the pop-up window.

IE appears to function the exact same way as Fx.
Sorry it took me so long to get to this.  :(

> (Note: the two domains used here are "" and "".) does a 304 to

So everything here is on except the popup with is at  Did this change since the bug was filed?
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Yeah, something has changed with that site and its redirects, because I see the same thing. I have to stage this on another public server. Need to find the right one; I'll update the bug when I do.
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Thanks!  Please needinfo me if you do, so I won't miss it!
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