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This was reported on the Accessibility mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.accessibility/KONqTiWStBs


I am using a Brailliant braille display along with Brailleback on my Samsung Tab S.  90% of the time, when I press one of the Brailliant's routing keys over an edit field, Talkback announces, "Editing," and the blinking braille cursor appears in the edit area.  However, nothing that I type on the Brailliant keyboard is entered into the edit field.  I must first double-tap on the Tab S screen, hear Talkback confirm that editing has started, and then may enter text from the Brailliant.

Occasionally, when a Subject field and a main text area are present, pressing a router key while over the main text area will cause editing to begin in the Subject field instead.  (This most frequently occurs on a journaling site I use, www.livejournal.com.)

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My guess: Something is triggering AccessFu to think it is in editing mode, but the actual text field widget does not gain focus, so the keyboard doesn't come up.

CC'ing MaxLi in case he is interested in taking a look!
I think this may be a dup of bug 1062016. If you could verify that the patch their fixes it.

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4 years ago
This bug is still present in my version of Nightly, 36.0a1.

To recreate:
1.  Go to http://www.google.com/
2.  Press braille display touch cursor over Google's Search combo box.
3.  Talkback says, "Editing," but none of the data being brailled shows up in the edit field.
4.  Swipe away from the edit field on the tablet, and "navigating is announced.
5.  Swipe back to the edit field, double tap on the tablet, and "Editing," is again announced.  This time however, braille entry keys are accepted.

Hope this helps.

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