Quick navigation letters sometimes don't work when entered on a braille display




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This was reported on the Accessibility mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.accessibility/N6-7kUoT7OE


I am using Firefox on a Samsung Tab S, along with both Talkback and Brailleback.  About 50% of the time, after a page has fully loaded, Firefox refuses to respond to quick navigation keys that I press on my braille display's keyboard.  For example, H to navigate to the next heading, or G to jump to the next graphic.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to nail down precisely when this happens, as it seems completely random.  Navigation sometimes resumes if I close out Firefox from Recent Apps and then launch it again, but not always.

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As a follow-up, the following steps were provided:

1. I opened FF and clicked the web address shown at the top left of the menubar.
2. I navigated right one item to "Enter search or address:," and entered www.nytimes.com.
3. I Navigated down until focus was on "Main Menu" which is a link.
4. I tried pressing H for Heading, G for Graphic, and L for List, all of which are elements on this page. In all three cases, nothing happened.

CC'ing MaxLi in case he's interested in taking a look, too.
I think this may be a dup of bug 1062016. If you could verify that the patch their fixes it.

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4 years ago
Since that patch landed, I will send tomorrow's Firefox for Android Nightly build to Dan for verification. He is able to reproduce it more reliably than I can.

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4 years ago
NI'ing myself so I don't forget.
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If this is indeed fix, dup it as bug 1062016.

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4 years ago
I am waiting for a reply from Dan who reported this issue, since he can reproduce it reliably while I cannot. I sent him the link to the latest nightly build of Firefox for Android, which includes the alleged fix.

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4 years ago
Finally had a chance to revisit this. Unfortunately, this bug is still present in the Nightly builds, as well as in FF.

I can recreate this issue 100% of the time when FF launches by selecting a previously visited link by pressing a corresponding routing key on my braille display, Brailliant 32.  When the page loads, navigation keys do not function.  However, if I instead activate the link from my tablet, navigation keys work as expected once the page loads.

Hope this "late" addition helps.


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4 years ago
Further inquiries have not been replied to so far. Clearing the needinfo request and wait for reporter to update the bug if this still reproduces for them. I cannot reproduce on this end.


4 years ago
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