Not able to move into the opened menu using BrailleBack commands




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4 years ago
This was reported on the Accessibility mailing list:!topic/mozilla.accessibility/WB2Fd20OwmI


I am using Firefox for Android on a Samsung Tab S, and use both Talkback and Brailleback.  Normally, when I wish to activate a particular control with my Braille display, I press the touch cursor above one of the cells containing the text label.  
In Firefox, when I do this over the Menu control at the top of the screen, I receive the audible confirmation that this has been done, but I am then not allowed to move away from the top menu bar.  I can move in-between the website name on the far left, and the Menu control on the far right, but nowhere else using Brailleback commands.  However, when I swipe on the tablet screen, I am allowed to move passed the top menu bar, and find the regular Menu options such as Share and Settings.

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I was able to reproduce this.
CC'ing MaxLi in case he is also interested in taking a look at this.
I think this may be a dup of bug 1062016. If you could verify that the patch their fixes it.

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4 years ago
Dear Eitan,

This has been partially resolved.  Now when I pressing a touch cursor over Menu, focus is still reset to the beginning of the top menubar, over the web address, but using braille navigation keys, I can scroll out of the menubar.  Unfortunately, the drop down menu is skipped, and I am placed in the contents of the FF page.  The menu options, such as Share, are only accessible when I swipe with my finger on the tablet.

Hope this helps.



4 years ago
Summary: Not able to move into the opened menu using BrailleBack commands → [AccessFu] Not able to move into the opened menu using BrailleBack commands

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4 years ago
This doesn't appear to be an AccessFu bug. It's entirely contained within the browser chrome.

At least when I use the braille overlay (i.e. not an actual braille device), it seems like when I activate the menu bar with the braille display, the menu correctly opens, but accessibility focus remains on the menu button itself. Brailleback and Talkback use different algorithms for finding the next element, and that is likely the reason you're able to swipe to start exploring the menu but when going to the next element with the braille commands probably doesn't explore the menu commands.
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Summary: [AccessFu] Not able to move into the opened menu using BrailleBack commands → Not able to move into the opened menu using BrailleBack commands
Do we have an idea of affected versions, Marco or Max?

In particular, the tablet UI recently changed (35 or 36), so this might either be fixed if currently broken in release, or be a regression if the reporter is testing on Nightly.
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4 years ago
I think this has been here for a pretty long time. I've can replicate this in both release and nightly on my Nexus 5 (so a new tablet UI wouldn't affect it).
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Thanks for testing!
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Eitan - Any thoughts on how to proceed here?
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I'll get to this next week (keeping the needinfo flag until addressed).
I have been trying different options, and I can't seem to get this working right. Ultimately, I think this is a brailleback bug. There is an inconsistency where talkback does the right thing when swiping right, but brailleback's scroll buttons get stuck. I'm going to open a bug for brailleback, and cross reference it with this.
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Added brailleback bug for reference.
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