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"Unknown repository" error is briefly shown on initial load of Treeherder.


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When you first load treeherder, the URL has not yet redirected to the default (mozilla-central) repository, so the ng-show check for the repository's URL is failing, causing the "Unknown repo" error to be displayed for a split second.
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This is still happening when I visit

Not a massive issue per se, but just gives an unfortunate first impression to people using treeherder for the first time :-)
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Wes, do you know if you'll have a chance to look at this today or Monday?
Or I can open a new bug and see if one of the others wants to take a look if that works for you? :-)
I'll try to get to it on Monday, but I wouldn't be opposed to this splitting off to a new bug if someone else really wants to take it.
I'm not sure what's going on here.
As far as I can tell, the unknown repository error should only be shown when all of the following conditions are true:
1. 0 resultsets have been returned
2. We are not appending more resultsets
3. We are not loading jobs
4. There is no "revision" search parameter
5. There is a "repo" search parameter
6. The current repo's designated URL is unknown.

I only see the unknown repository error on initially loading treeherder. (So the address will be [treeherderRoot]/ui or [treeherderRoot]/ui/ or [treeherderRoot]/ui/#/jobs )

The error goes away once Treeherder redirects to the default mozilla-central repository (So the address will now be [treeherderRoot]/ui/#/jobs?repo=mozilla-central )

At the point where the error is shown, condition 1 and 4 should be true, while conditions 5 and 6 are false. (I'm unsure exactly when 2 and 3 switch between true and false.)

I don't know enough about Angular to figure out why it's still being shown when not all of the conditions are being met (or why Angular believes all of the conditions are being met).
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pushed to dev and stage now
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