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[Youtube] Connect your accounts feature is not working properly


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The connection with Facebook and Twitter does not work. After you tap on Connect, log into Facebook/Twitter and finish the process with apparent success, the account is still not connected with the Youtube account, which can be checked both in the mobile app and in the regular Youtube website on a PC.

Alos, the disconnection from Facebook and Twitter does not work. After you tap on the Disconnect button, nothing happens and the connection remains.
I was able to repro this. I was unable to connect facebook to yt. I don't have any suggestions about how to fix it, yet.
Hi Donovan -

Could we inform Facebook or Twitter about this issue and see what they can do about it?

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I would think we would need to reach out to Youtube on this matter, as opposed to FB/twitter.
I don't think there's anything youtube can do to fix it. I think it's just the way cookie jars work in apps on firefox os. We need to have someone at mozilla look into it, and if it is a bug that yt can take care of, then we can have them fix it once we are confident it is not a firefox os issue.
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@Jose-  Can you please provide some more information about this bug.

Where did this bug present itself; was it on desktop or mobile? 
What versions/platforms are affected? 
Also, Can you please provide detailed reproduction steps?
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Hi all

As this was reported long ago, I didn't check it again due to it's low priority. 

I've seen today that this bug is no longer reproducable as YouTube app no longer has the option to "Connect your accounts"

Time ago, if you opened the app, tap on the three bar icon on the up left side, then tap on the wheel icon, there was an option there "Connect your accounts" that allowed you connec your Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Right now, this option is not available so closing this bug.
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Hi Jose-,

The option to "Connect your accounts" still exist in Youtube app.Check the screenshot in the attachment.
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(In reply to jingmei.zhang from comment #7)
Hi Jose-,

But now only twitter app is allowed to be connected.Perhaps twitter can be connected successfully(I do not have a twitter accounts,so I can not confirm this,but see from bug985663,it seems to be so),can you help to check?
Hi Michael,

For third app Youtube,there is another issue as described in Bug 985715 - [B2G][Youtube] The user is unable to check the boxes under 'Share your public activity to connected accounts',can you help to track?
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Yes you're right. It's still appears although you have to be logged in using your account to make it appear. Sorry, I missed that step

Steps to reproduce:
- Open YoutTube app
- Tap on the 3 bars icon on the upper left side of the screen
- Tap on sign in and login with your Google account
- Tap on the Wheel Icon
- Scroll down until you see "Connect your accounts"
- Tap on the "Connect" button next to the Twitter Logo
- Wait until the login & authorize page from Twitter appears. Introduce your Twitter login info and authorize the app. You will be redirected back
- You may see that the option to connect your Twitter account still appears and seems that nothing has happened
The result is that the Twitter account (the only one that appears now)option is not working properly as is not connecting your Twitter account. If you you to the YouTube desktop version (on a PC) and check your settings you will see that the Twitter option to connect is still available and, therefore, the connection of the account did not work properly from the mobile

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Thank you for providing the additional reproduction step.  I tested this bug today on 1.3 & 2.0.  Although the YouTube app does not indicate that the user has successfully Connected to their Twitter Account through the YouTube settings, if the user completes the login process and taps again on the "connect" button for Twitter, They are taken to a screen where they can now "log out" of the twitter account.  This indicates that YouTube is successfully connecting to Twitter the account. 

We will bring this issue up with YouTube and see if we can get the "connect" button to change state after login is completed.
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Please ping YT and see if they can update the "connect" button to change state after the user completes the log in process
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