[OMTC] [ Moz2D] Graphics corruption when scrolling in Nightly




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Windows 8.1

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Creepy Artifacts

This has been happening off and on for a while now. Every so often some element or image with text when scrolling creates this construction paper patchwork artifacts. I haven't seen it anywhere else in any other major browser.



Adapter Description	AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
Adapter Description (GPU #2)	Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
Adapter Drivers	aticfx64 aticfx64 aticfx64 aticfx32 aticfx32 aticfx32 atiumd64 atidxx64 atidxx64 atiumdag atidxx32 atidxx32 atiumdva atiumd6a atitmm64
Adapter Drivers (GPU #2)	igdumdim64 igd10iumd64 igd10iumd64 igdumdim32 igd10iumd32 igd10iumd32
Adapter RAM	3072
Adapter RAM (GPU #2)	Unknown
ClearType Parameters	D [ Gamma: 2200 Pixel Structure: R ClearType Level: 100 Enhanced Contrast: 100 ] D [ Gamma: 2200 Pixel Structure: R ClearType Level: 100 Enhanced Contrast: 50 ]
Device ID	0x6798
Device ID (GPU #2)	0x0162
Direct2D Enabled	true
DirectWrite Enabled	true (6.3.9600.17111)
Driver Date	8-11-2014
Driver Date (GPU #2)	5-16-2014
Driver Version	14.200.1004.0
Driver Version (GPU #2)
GPU #2 Active	false
GPU Accelerated Windows	1/1 Direct3D 11 (OMTC)
Subsys ID	32111682
Subsys ID (GPU #2)	0000000c
Vendor ID	0x1002
Vendor ID (GPU #2)	0x8086
WebGL Renderer	Google Inc. -- ANGLE (AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D9Ex vs_3_0 ps_3_0)
windowLayerManagerRemote	true
AzureCanvasBackend	direct2d
AzureContentBackend	direct2d
AzureFallbackCanvasBackend	cairo
AzureSkiaAccelerated	0

gfx.direct3d.last_used_feature_level_idx	0

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4 years ago
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Another Example
Does it go away if you set gfx.direct2d.disabled to true in about:config?

Comment 3

4 years ago
Its hard to pin down because the corruption happens randomly. I'll try the d2d toggle the next time I see it.

Comment 4

4 years ago
I been getting this, same thing as the attached picture by Bennet.  Been obsessing over it for the past month.  I do know it is HW acceleration related, b/c it doesn't happen wit it off.  I know for sure that it doesn't happen in Firefox 31 ESR for some reason, but it happened in Firefox 33, and now 34 and up it seems.   It seems to me, something changed with HW acceleration after Firefox 31. 

It also happens randomly for me, but more frequently waking the computer after sleep.  I got a new r9 290 this December, before I had a older Nvidia card 460 gtx and I never ran into anything like this, worked perfectly as far as Firefox is concerned.  Using latest AMD drivers.
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