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Migrate to KitKat builds for on-device automation


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This is a bug to track the work involved in moving the on-device automation from JB to KK. We should be able to designate a small pool of devices in Mountain View to test KK builds, however the initial base image flash may require someone in the lab. Although remote debugging does not appear to be affected by the flash I have sometimes had to disconnect/reconnect my device for ADB to pick it up again.
I've created a job as this is the only one we currently have available to download (see bug 1055305). I propose allocating a couple of devices with a 'flame-kk' label and duplicating the various b2g-inbound jobs to run tests against them. We should be able to use this approach to migrate devices to KK builds, and once complete we can delete the old jobs.
I've (with help from Dave) successfully flashed v180 base build onto a device using a Jenkins job. The job can target devices.
I'm running an adhoc now to confirm its health.
The tests have passed well and we're now in a position to move some b2g-i jobs onto KK builds.

My plan is:
1. Change flame labels on a selection of nodes to flame-kk
2. Flash the flame-kk devices with v180 base build
3. Duplicate b2g-i jobs, rename and label them with flame-kk and set them to flash KK builds from tbpl.
4. Disable the JB jobs for the jobs duplicated in step 3.
5. Observe loads
Depends on: 1068670
All UI and Perf automation is running successfully on nightly builds.
Closed: 5 years ago
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