Integrate a drawing/diagram creation tool to MDN



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5 years ago


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5 years ago
What problems would this solve?
Good documentation requires imagery. Technical documentation is best when it has supplementary diagrams, such as mockups, flow charts, block diagrams, structural diagrams, and so on. Currently, users have to use their own software to make these, then upload them to MDN in PNG or SVG format.

This leads to uneditable images, with the source material typically in a format that requires custom software to use, and is not accessible anyway since it's on the original contributor's computer.

Adding an integrated diagramming tool would solve all of these problems and let us start seriously integrating appropriate diagrams on MDN.

Who would use this?
Most if not all editors and contributors.

What would users see?
A toolbar button to insert a diagram. This would bring up a dialog letting you either choose an existing diagram or create a new one. Creating a new one would show the diagram editor UI. When done drawing, saving would save the diagram in both the editor's format and an embeddable format (SVG ideally, or PNG).

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
See above

Is there anything else we should know?
Severity: normal → enhancement
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